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Tempest DuJour's Very Bad Day
Tempest's day goes from bad to mortifying in this short tie-in to RuPaul's Drag Race (S7). Starring Tempest DuJour, created by David Hoffman, Eric Van Meter, Michael Vietinghoff and Patrick Holt.

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Retro Game Show Night
Recreating classic game shows with Sassword, Wheel of Misfortune and more. Monthly at Hotel Congress and on the road for regional, adults-only fun. Hosted by Tempest DuJour and Tech Intern Sara (Thompson), with help from Paul Katona, David Morden, Gail Adamitis, Priscilla Fernandez, Eric Van Meter and special guests. Produced by David Hoffman.  

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For reasons of national security, we're unable to provide information about this unlikely team of heroes fighting for peace, justice and the perfect lentil loaf. Unless you're a producer, in which case you should definitely get in touch.  


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